The global significance of BIOGENERA SpA

The global significance of BIOGENERA SpA’s innovation and its winning growth strategy model are the key elements that will permit the company to become an international leader in the research and development of personalised gene-specific medicines.

BIOGENERA SpA is open to strategic collaborations and partnerships that can effectively contribute to the growth of a consolidated entrepreneurial organisation that has given itself elevated and challenging objectives:

Respond to a fundamental ethical aspect or rather create new efficacious cures for illnesses that are, at present, incurable, such as paediatric tumors

Contribute to scientific progress thanks to the development of patient-specific DNA therapies

The assets of

A unique organisation on the International pharmaceutical panorama.

A proprietary biotechnological platform

MyGeneraTM potentially applicable to every therapeutic area. In particular oncology, genetic, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular or infective diseases that permit the development of DNA-based patient-specific medicines in a radically reduced time with respect to traditional R&D processes

A cutting-edge Research and Development group and recognised at International level

Official certification already obtained from the European Medicines Agency (EMA)