DNA-based patient-specific biotechnological medicine

BIOGENERA SpA is a company operating in the biotechnology pharmaceutical sector, specialising in the research and development of new DNA-based patient-specific biotechnological medicines for the treatment of serious pathologies.

Founded in 2008, with its headquarters in Bologna, BIOGENERA SpA is an Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (ISME) with a multidisciplinary team of researchers and is supported by numerous University partnerships (in particular, the University of Bologna) and other companies of the pharmaceutical sector.

How do we create personalized DNA treatments?

MyGeneraTM Platform

Using the unique MyGeneraTM platform, BIOGENERA is able to rapidly identify and develop specific new drugs aimed at each therapeutic target consisting of a single mutated gene considered causative for a disease.

MyGeneraTM BIOGENERA is capable of rapidly identifying and developing new patient-specific medicines aimed at every therapeutic target made up of single mutated genes, considered causative for a pathology.

Why do we do this?

To change the treatment of serious pathologies

To act at the DNA level developing targeted medicines. Thanks to which it will be possible to revolutionise the cure of serious pathologies, such as tumors, dermatologic, metabolic, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular illnesses and, as of today, incurable infectious diseases.

This pioneering approach will allow BIOGENERA SpA to establish itself, in the near future, as the leading company, at the International level, in the research and development of DNA-based patient-specific therapies.