The new era of personalized
DNA therapies

For BIOGENERA SpA, DNA, the distinctive element that makes each person unique, is the true target of gene-specific therapy.
While traditional pharmacological approaches act on downstream therapeutic targets (protein or mRNA), the proprietary biotechnological platform MyGeneraTM allows the identification of new drug candidates capable of acting directly at the origin (DNA), i.e. at the gene level, and in a highly specific.

The drug candidates identified through MyGeneraTM are made up of DNA oligonucleotides capable of powerfully and highly selectively blocking the activity of mutated and pathological genes.
This new and unique pharmacological approach allows us to act directly on the causes and not on the symptoms (as happens with traditional drugs) of the disease, opening the doors to the treatment of the onset of serious pathologies such as tumors, cardiovascular, metabolic, dermatological, neurodegenerative and infectious.


We work in the oncology field
with main focus on

Pediatric tumors

BIOGENERA SpA’s research has led to the identification and development of the first specific drug, the anti-tumor anti-MYCN BGA002, for the treatment of tumors in children with alterations of the MYCN tumor gene (which confers a negative prognosis). The start of PHASE 1 clinical trials is expected in a few months, in particular in Neuroblastoma (currently the deadliest children’s cancer). Demonstrating the high level of innovation, the drug already has
obtained Orphan Drug recognition from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the US FDA for the treatment of Neuroblastoma and Soft Tissue Sarcomas (which include Rhabdomisarcoma and Synovial Sarcoma)

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The second application

Adult tumors

ubsequently, the new anti-MYCN BGA002 anti-tumor drug will be used for the treatment of adult tumors with alterations in the MYCN tumor gene (which confers a negative prognosis). In particular in Small Cell Lung Cancer (Microcytoma) (the deadliest lung cancer), for which the drug has already obtained Orphan Drug recognition from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Adult tumors

A concrete answer for

All pathologies

The innovation offered by MyGeneraTM is applicable to any disease, acting at the level of mutations or gene-specific alterations. BIOGENERA’s research is currently focused on the most aggressive tumors, currently without treatment, and on pathologies that are fatal or very disabling for the quality of life, and have a high impact on the patients’ families and on healthcare services.

All pathologies