Gene-specific therapies and their mechanisms

The new category of oligonucleotide gene-specific medicines is characterised by a short chemical sequence of modified DNA that acts on a specific pathological target gene.


An anti-gene is an oligonucletoide able to inhibit the transcripstion of a target gene ino mRNA

Target gene
(two copies per cell)


The anti-gene oligonucletoide works by forming a stable duplex with the complementary DNA sequence, binding to the open DNA structure of an active gene, thereby blocking transcription

(Thousands of copies)


The technology is applicable to any disease where selective silencing of a target gene will have therapeutic effect eg. oncology, dominant genetic diseases, viral/bacterial infections.

(Thousands of copies)

How Logo mygenerafunctions

The innovations

Development of oligonucleotide gene-specific medicines
Identification times of the candidate drug molecule much shorter than conventional methods
Greater medicine efficacy
Reduced or absent therapy toxicity
Potentially efficacious applications in all therapeutic areas